Montreal, QC

Building Montréal’s first Green Corridor to connect the community

Two children helping each other plant a sapling.

In partnership with Soverdi, a non-profit dedicated to the greening of urban communities in Montréal, we’ll be helping to create a large continuous Green Corridor for a community in Montréal-North that will link five primary and secondary schools with two large parks and playgrounds.

The newly greened area will cover 4.6 hectares and will provide a powerful connection to nature for the over 6,000 students, school staff and residents who travel through it daily. This ambitious project is the first of its kind in Montréal’s 375-year history and includes the construction of a large outdoor classroom and the planting of 750 new trees in parks and schoolyards.

Two children helping each other plant a sapling.
A little girl in a butterfly costume playing outside with her father.
Two girls playing in the autumn leaves.